01.04.2024 – 25.05.2024

Ulises Mazzucca

The project proposed by Ulises Mazzucca for his residency focuses on inhabiting and interrogating the spaces of the Jesuit legacy: the school, the church, and the city that houses them. San Ignacio de Loyola lived in Arévalo during his adolescence, although there is scarce information about this period of his life. As a starting point, he proposes to initiate an investigation and develop a narrative about his youth, this moment before his military career, long before the creation of his spiritual exercises.

During his residency at Collegium, Mazzucca has set out to pursue two lines of work. The first one focuses on expanding a series of works involving the intervention of wooden furniture, aiming to give corporality to the drawing, his main technique. The images expand on the material of the furniture, modifying its surface through actions of intervention or subtraction.

The second line of work focuses on creating a series of drawings that will function as a kind of logbook. These drawings will be produced as a visual narrative, accompanying and documenting the artistic process and research carried out during his stay at Collegium.

Ulises Mazzucca's artistic residency has been made possible through our collaboration with Espacio Tacuari (Buenos Aires, Argentina), a project driven by collectors Juan and Patricia Vergez.

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