Collegium's mission is configured from a proposal for productive and educational enjoyment, based on an extensive program of exhibitions and activities, addressing unique perspectives in the face of the urgencies of our global present. We promote the crossing of knowledge that stimulates our local culture. We promote the right to memory, respect for diversity and universal access to cultural assets.


Collegium is considered a strategic institution in the field of research, production and exhibition of contemporary art, with a focus on the cultural production of the 21st century. Our vision is supported by a new way of understanding the relationship between the institution and the user, by constantly listening to demands and contributing to the recovery and revaluation of the richness of the cultural, historical and architectural heritage of the Province of Ávila and its surroundings.


At Collegium:
  • We build community models committed to participatory management.
  • We consider art and education as triggers of emancipatory processes towards the common good.
  • We celebrate differences, racial, gender, sociocultural and ethnic diversity.
  • Our projects are guided by sustainability, without damaging or distorting the geographical and social configuration, and in balance with the environment.

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