I. What is Collegium?  

It is a center for creation, research and exhibition of contemporary art.

It is also a space for artist residencies, the promotion of craft practices and the conservation of art objects.

Collegium's mission is to build community and build knowledge.

Its strategic point of operations is located in the city of Arévalo, in the province of Ávila in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León.

II. Etymology and other uses 

Collegium, etymologically, comes from the Latin colle which means to glue, unite, connect; as opposed to disintegrate and separate. Collegium, therefore, implies linking knowledge, perspectives and materials of all kinds. Historically, colleges were introduced by the Jesuit order in the 16th century, with the firm intention of building advanced spiritual and pedagogical centers. This educational model spread rapidly throughout Europe, and then explored the New World and the vast Orient. The colleges were thus the first educational platforms to be successfully internationalized. For us, the meaning of this word is twofold: on the one hand, it seeks to recognize the intrinsic heritage of the architectural ensemble in which the galleries and rooms are being set up and, on the other hand, there is the etymological meaning of the term, a concept that alludes to the cultural interaction between communities and families. The care and vigilance towards the tributaries of historical memory and the generation of tangible and intangible cultural and emotional heritage are two of our greatest responsibilities.   

III. Identity and structure 

Important episodes of Spanish History of great repercussion in the narratives of global History have taken place in the city of Arévalo. It is the happy coexistence of unique cultural conditions that makes it a very rich scenario in specificities and differences. In a way, it is possible to affirm that modernity has its origin here. The first great pedagogical project that became globalized, as well as the encounter between Europe and America, was born in this region. Taking into account these values and appealing to the strong identity of its historical stories, Collegium is firmly committed to the principles of diversity, universal values, and the transcendence of education as a substantial part in the formation of culture and critical thinking.

  • 1. Collegium Foundation: Formed by a board of trustees, whose founding member is the Lumbreras Foundation - Adrastus Collection. 
  • 2. Museum: Main space where contemporary art exhibitions signed by prestigious national and international curators are programmed. 
  • 3. Creation Center:  Space for Spanish and foreign artists to research and develop projects. 
  • 4. School: Educational platform, conservation and research center.

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