01.06.2024 – 30.06.2024

Luana Fischer

Luana Fischer's artistic residency in Arévalo focuses on the photographic project "Huella," which aims to connect the human and landscape heritage of the city through a series of portraits and a photo performance.

The former Jesuit school, which will be the headquarters of Collegium, is the space where she has portrayed twelve women from the city, all over 60 years old: Dori, Asun, Pili, María, and Concha are among them. Stemming from her own interest in photographing groups that are underrepresented in portrait genres, Fischer seeks to create new references in these images filled with dignity and beauty. Accompanying the photographs are a series of short videos where the women depicted express their relationship with Arévalo and specifically with the Jesuit school, where some of them even studied.

The photo performance '21 días' emerged from Luana's walks along the paths of the Adaja and Arevalillo rivers, where she discovered the tall thistles that populate the area. Associating them with the imposter syndrome that many artists feel – the allure of success and the subsequent discomfort it brings, akin to the prickliness of thistles – Fischer has worked with these local plants, incorporating them into self-portraits that culminate with a handmade mask that allows her to embody the thistle herself.

A Brazilian residing in Madrid for the past 18 years, Luana Fischer contributes her technical skill and commitment to authentic representation of the Arévalo community through her photographic project.

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