07.07.2023 – 07.07.2023

¡Doblad mis amores!

Marc Vives - Performance - La Fiesta
Friday, July 7th
7 to 9 PM
Route from Plaza de Fray Juan Gil to Jesuit school
Arévalo, Spain

The performance La fiesta is one of the six projects that make up the exhibition ¡Doblad mis amores! all of them conceived specifically for Arévalo and its context. La fiesta consists of inhabiting different spaces in the city using sound as a means of expression, thus giving presence and voice to these places. The activity describes a tour through the streets of the city from the Fray Juan Gil square to the Jesuit school, the site where the future Collegium headquarters will be located.

The event begins with a meeting place and time, people start arriving and the group grows and fills up with inhabitants of Arévalo and its surroundings. As in every party, there are some roles but everyone is key to reach paroxysm. Someone starts the call with a shout, with a melody, with a rhythm and the rest of us follow. The voice and the vibration travel from corner to corner evoking the memory of the different enclaves.

In the walk, links are established between architecture, history, people, and desires through voice, song, percussion, and even bodies and sweat. Contagion is the central element of any jaleo and synchronizes the excitement with the songs and dances. The rubbing appears and then the embrace.

At the school, the revelry and merriment reach their zenith. Our present is added, with the layers of the past (as an educational center but also as a meeting and festive place), to charge the space towards the future. This phase involves an invasion of both space and sound, emphasizing the presence of voices. The sound is material and fills the space. At this point of the celebration, the articulation of the word has already been lost, and it becomes an explosion of paralanguage: noise, voices, and gestures lead us to an emotional liberation, generating a union between all the assistants and participants. No one is left out of La Fiesta.

La fiesta is conceived as a group-constructed celebration, prepared from numerous visits, meetings, workshops and conversations of Marc Vives with people from Arévalo. In a whimsical way from the comments, anecdotes and desires of each other, finally a group of collaborators from Arévalo who have actively participated, in addition to the physical and collective dimension of the action, the activity aims to revive traditions and recover legacies of local festivals, such as costumes, songs, characters or drinks.

Photos: Roberto Ruíz

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