Collegium launches the first edition of its residency program for artists, in collaboration with Instituto Inclusartiz

Entre tiempos is the name of the program, which seeks to promote the circulation of artists in the city of Arévalo through international partnerships
• Brazilian artists Ayla Tavares and Xadalu Tupã Jekupé will be the first to reside in Arévalo for two months, where they will develop projects on the pottery tradition and San Ignacio de Loyola, respectively

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Arevalo, September 19, 2022. - Collegium and Instituto Inclusartiz from Rio de Janeiro have established a partnership to launch, starting next September 26, the residency program for artists Entre tiempos. This is an initiative to promote the circulation of artists in the city of Arévalo and its surroundings, encouraging artistic research on topics related to the history, culture, and traditions of the region. These residencies seek to contribute to social cohesion by generating spaces of knowledge and trust in the local context, strengthening the feeling of belonging to the territory in the long term.
Entre tiempos will host two artists in 2022-23, who will be offered accommodation, workspace, and networking, among other types of support, for eight weeks. Each residency will finish with a public presentation of the work developed and a short film showing the research and creation process of each artist in context. The selected artists for this edition are Brazilians Ayla Tavares and Xadalu Tupã Jekupé, who will reside in Arévalo respectively from September to December and from January to March.

Ayla Tavares (Rio de Janeiro, 1990) investigates archaeological and sacred artifacts, architecture, and everyday objects, establishing relationships with different layers of time to think about everyday life, memory, and life in common. Understanding materiality with all its complexities, Tavares creates constellations of objects under different orders, generating from these new bodies relationships of estrangement, speculation, and fabulation. She holds a master's degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), specializing in ceramic production and archeology.

Xadalu Tupã Jekupé (Alegrete, 1985) is an indigenous artist who uses silk screen printing, painting, photography, and objects to address urban art and the tension between indigenous and western culture in the cities. His work, as well as his conversations with wise men around the bonfire, have become one of the most powerful resources of the visual arts against the erasure of indigenous culture in Rio Grande do Sul. Dialogue and integration with the Guarani Mbyá community allowed the artist to rescue and recognize his own ancestry.

About Instituto Inclusartiz:
 Founded in 1997, Instituto Inclusartiz is a non-profit, non-governmental cultural organization based in Rio de Janeiro. Its mission is to promote national and international contemporary art through the training of artists, curators, and researchers at different stages of their careers, with the aim of promoting social integration, cultural diversity, environmental sustainability, and collaboration between institutions, organizations, and agents in the sector.  Organizing one of the most prestigious and comprehensive artistic residency programs in Brazil, the institute has already hosted more than thirty names in the sector. Activities such as exhibitions, artistic interventions, and educational projects are also part of the Inclusartiz Institute's calendar, which, as its name suggests, believes in the power of art as an important source of inclusion, diversity, and socio-cultural transformation.
About Collegium:
Collegium is an exhibition, education, research, and experimentation center for modern and contemporary art. It is located in the city of Arévalo, in Castilla y León, where it is already developing an exhibition, educational, and activity program while preparing its physical building in the city's former Jesuit School. Collegium's project aims to contribute to the recovery and revaluation of the rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage of Arévalo and its surroundings, energizing the local cultural context while putting this city on the map of national and international contemporary art.  

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