Announcing Deputy
Curator Aldones Nino

Aldones Nino (Credit: Vicente de Mello)
Born in São Paulo, Aldones Nino is candidate for a Double Doctorate in History and Art from the University of Granada and Visual Arts from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Nino began his university studies in Philosophy at the University of São Judas Tadeu; holds a Bachelor degree in Art History by the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; and a Master's degree in History, Politics, and Cultural Assets by the Center for Research and Documentation of Contemporary History of Brazil of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation.

Nino's current research focuses on the art history, subalternity, and the periphery, from a counter-hegemonic perspective, which seeks through projects and curatorial texts to address the limits between the art of the 21st century and the emergencies of our global present. This subject has been practiced throughout his curatorial training and will be incorporated into the COLLEGIUM project.

His commitment and dedication will head towards the complex articulation of the Adrastus Collection, as well as the creation of curatorial, research, cultural diffusion, and expansion projects for COLLEGIUM.

“We are aware our mission is ambitious, Aldones truly represents the best spirit and ideals of Collegium. Not only he is devoted to living artists, but he brings to the art of our time a deep historical perspective, scholarly awareness, and forward-thinking.”
–Javier Lumbreras, COLLEGIUM founder.  

Nino is a frequently invited speaker in conferences and events such as: Anti-Hegemonic Proposals: Crosses Between Art and Urban Landscape in Latin America, at the International Council of Monuments and Sites (Rio de Janeiro) (2020); Discursive Possibilities Between Subjectivity and Historiography, at the Art and Culture Center of the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRRJ (Seropédica, Brazil) (2020); Contemporary Art And Folds In Time: Subalternity, Art And Power at First Continental Conference on Afro-Latin American Studies at Harvard University (Cambridge, USA) (2019); Hispanic and Lusophone Conference, at the University of California (Santa Bárbara, USA) (2019); Coloniality and Body: The Relationships Between Power, Performance and Decolonial Thought in the program De quoi l'esclavage est-il le nom? (XV-XXIe siècle) at the Musée d’Histoire de Nantes (Nantes, France) (2019); among others. He is Education and Training Advisor at the Inclusartiz Institute.

Some of the most recent exhibitions curated by Aldones Nino include: Sonantes de Ayla Tavares, at the Light Cultural Center (2019); The Long Night of the 500 Years by Marcela Cantuária, at the A Gentil Carioca gallery (2019); and Walking in the History of My People at the Gustavo Schnoor Gallery (UERJ) (2019). He worked on the production of the Mundo exhibition at the Chácara do Céu Museum (2019) and was a research assistant in the Ríos del Río exhibition at the National Historical Museum (2019). He participated in the collective curatorship of Na Zanza in Villa Aymoré (2019) and Afuá: Fragments of Landscapes and Everyday Life at the General Prosecutor's Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro (2016). He worked in the education of exhibitions such as: Memories of the Boto in the UFRJ Technological Park (2016) and in the Biennial of the School of Fine Arts of the Municipal Center of Arts Hélio Oiticica (2015–2016). 

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