1st exhibition - Entre tiempos: Ayla Tavares

At the end of her artistic residency of Entre tiempos, Ayla Tavares will exhibit some of the works that have resulted from these eight weeks of research and creation. The exhibition, entitled Alfarería del agua (Water pottery), can be visited in the old choir of the church of San Martín de Arévalo from next Saturday, November 26 to January 8, from Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 7:45 pm.

Tavares has developed five different projects during his stay, all of them linked to the ceramic tradition of the region and to the historical, landscape and fluvial environment of Arévalo. He has worked closely with Alfarería Hernández, from Cespedosa de Tormes, as well as with the Arevalo artist Julio Galán.

Alfarería del agua proposes how, through contemporary production, an art institution, clay and the stories and traditions that surround both can be connected. Arevalo's identity is constructed, in large part, from its relationship with monumental histories and great characters that have shaped our conception of the Western world. In contrast to this, Ayla Tavares seeks fictions that free us from the historical yoke and the weight of macro-narratives. Starting from the study of clay, she investigates the geological composition and the historical formulation guided by grandiose stories, to put in value her own micro-narratives, arising from the encounter with this environment.

The residencies Entre tiempos are developed through the collaboration between Collegium and Instituto Inclusartiz.

Exhibition Views
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