01.02.2021 – 01.12.2021

Open for Works

Open for Works is Collegium’s first project in its training and structural development phase. It consists of carrying out a series of exhibitions and artistic actions with a strong cultural load within the old chapel of the Jesuit College of the city of Arévalo, with the participation of leading contemporary artists from Spain and the world.

The structure that moves the life and growth of this region, so rich in history and traditions, will be the starting point for the development of each intervention, so that the social, political, economic and cultural context of Arévalo and surroundings, will form the articulating elements.

With a strong interactive orientation between work and public, the Open for Works projects highlight the idea of construction associated with the material construction of an art venue. For this reason, the program generates a very intense dialectic between the town and the production generated by each artist.
Exhibition Views