Architectural model by Tatiana Bilbao Estudio
Each new generation aspires to build a better world. Curiosity and intuition generate advances in knowledge and science.

Our institution model bets on community, inclusion, dialogue and participation within a transparent framework. Through art we want to generate curiosity and enliven intuition as a way of developing a thriving emotional intelligence and a high level of knowledge and awareness. Collegium is a laboratory of experiences, an advanced platform for resistance against dehumanisation and a mediation structure that contributes to human dignity and social justice, equality and well-being.[1]

When intuition is expressed in language, it often encounters semantics. Great art should not be affected by this linguistic condition, as it must reflect the BEING in its purest and most complex state. Therefore, the ability to feel art does not lie in the ability to memorise data or symbols, but in learning to decode the messages and forms created by artists. These messages allude to the issues that most constrain today’s society. In Collegium we are convinced that art generates a better link with our world and with our spirit of entrepreneurial beings.

Art is possibly the most complex manifestation that human beings are capable of.

“What art expresses, the words of everyday language cannot translate it; and this impossibility gives rise to an infinity of interpretations.”
Friedrich Schlegel

Collegium is a community spirit project, where public and private non-profit organisations collaborate. It is a dislocated and unmarked proposal of the big capitals that puts value in the priceless rural environment, today in decline. Both the Junta de Castilla y León and the city council have committed to supporting it by signing a protocol for the creation of the museum.[2]

According to contemporary anthropology, the human race is conditioned by contradictory impulses: the selfishness that moves us in an individualistic direction, and the “community spirit” that generates solidarity bonds. Darwin argues that a selfish individual can succeed within a group, however altruism makes the group succeed. This is the reason why Pardo postulates that the free and voluntary character is not such, but that he cannot fail that obligation.[3] “He who gives is not entirely free to give, nor is he who receives it to accept or reject the gift.”[4] “Now reciprocity is the foundation of mutual respect.”[5]

This project, Arevalenses and neighbours, is not a gift, it is a challenge for the whole community. “Tradition is not to worship the ashes, but to keep the flame alive.”[6]
[1] See Unesco definition
[2] On June 21, 2017, the Protocol for the Creation of the Museum of Contemporary Art was signed, expressing the will of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de León y Castilla, the City of Arévalo and the Lumbreras Foundation - Adrastus Collection of collaborate in the development and consolidation of Collegium.
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[6]  “Tradition is not carrying the ashes, but keeping the fire.” Original quote published in: Schneider, Sven Raphael, et al. “Tradition Is Not to Preserve the Ashes but to Pass on the Flame.” Gentleman’s Gazette, 11 June 2012, https: // www.

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