The permanent collection of COLLEGIUM is composed of works of art mainly from the XXI century coming from loans or donations. The Adrastus Collection has made an indefinite pledge for the exclusive use of COLLEGIUM. We trust to be able to collaborate with other national and international collections in the near future. We maintain our commitment to the more than 800 works by 150 artists, who crossed the perspectives of 40 countries and specific contexts, and each one, in his own way, dialogues with the urgencies of our global present.


Our collection began to take shape with the turn of the century and is formed by works of the 21st century, which not only mark a simple chronological milestone but a definition of interests in our global context, outstanding works of contemporary art marked by the radicalism and experimentation and for the possibilities of production. In addition to the arrangement between works of the same class, the focus remains anchored in the network of possible articulations, which achieve a contribution without borders and a poetic vision of our reality. Through an anti-hegemonic perspective, the collection brings together artists who develop their research to identify and activate mechanisms to produce a difference in times of globalization and precariousness. Works that, to a certain extent, work for the denaturalization and dismantling of the canonical order of organization and understanding of the history of art and society, based on economic, geographical, and cultural issues.


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